YU Yunique 2 Android 9.0 Pie Update

Android Pie 9.0 update for YU Yunique 2 has recently been released and now its download is available for all users around the world.


Connection Between YU Yunique 2 and Android Pie 9.0

During the last Google I/O (Input/Output) annual developer conference, Google has introduced the final Android 9.0 Pie update and now all YU Yunique 2 users around the world can access and install this upgrade.  Before the annual developer conference Google withdrew the first and second preview of Android Pie.  The article will cover the new features on the final OS release that you can now install in your YU Yunique 2.

The releasing plan of Android Pie

After the release of Android O, it is known as Android 9.0 (Pie).  The timeline for the release of Android O has already published during the last Google I/O, and as scheduled the DP3 release in the middle of June and DP4 in the midst of July.  Android users supported with Android One, Nexus and Pixel handsets are now able to use the full version of Android 9.0 after August and the first half of September.

What are the significant changes for YU Yunique 2?

We have not seen much changes in the Material Design of Android Pie. However; there are a lot of changes on the notification segments, which allows having excellent control on the Android.  The menu setting appear in a whole new look, and also there are some changes you can see in the YU Yunique 2 UI, especially in the notification shade.

The all new Android Pie 9.0 comes with the much-awaited picture-in-picture features and notification app for unread messages.  In addition to this, you can experience advanced Bluetooth capabilities and enhanced audio functions.  The YU Yunique 2 Android Pie update comes with a bundle of features, and every type of mobile users can find something suitable to their choice and taste.

Features that looks great with YU Yunique 2 Android Pie 9.0

Here is the list of some excited features that you are going to love after the successful Rom update.

Fluid Experience:

Fluid Experience is the new helping tool announced at the last Google I/O, which is unique productive and multitasking tool designed meet YU Yunique 2 user’s daily requirements.

Google comes with TensorFlow Lite a new scaled-down version of Tensor Flow in the I/O. The new tool can meet the demand of low power devices by using LSTM to enhance the user experience.  In Android Pie 9.0, you will have a new framework of enhanced neural network features, by keeping some of the artificial intelligence features on the YU Yunique 2, which will reduce the dependability of searching online server for computing actions on texts.

In the Android 9.0 you will have features like Smart Text Selection, Pic-in-Pic, and Notification Dots with extended press activities and Autofill, etc.  Let us examine all these new features:

Smart Text Selection:

Smart Text Selection has a bundle of amazing features. It is way part different from the old text highlight features, which are commonly using for copy and paste.  After successful YU Yunique 2 Android Pie 9.0 update, you will have additional features on the highlighted text.

Just highlight a number and tap on it, which prompt for dialing that number.  Similarly, if you tap on a highlighted address text, it will start searching the address.


Picture-in-Picture is a familiar tool you can find on televisions.  The feature will become very common even on your hand device too.  The new Android Pie for YU Yunique 2 will allow you to play your favorite YouTube video and by just tapping on the home bottom, the video will pop into a small window and let you search on other program or apps on your device.  The pop in the video can slide to any location of the screen, and you can easily opt out from it by sliding the video from the window.

Notification Dots:

In Android Pie, the app icon will appear with a Notification Dot indicating the availability of new tools.  It is to denote the active notification. If you make a long press on the app icon, the notification dot will display a list of links, which are ready to take actions. Even though this feature is not available in the Second Developer version, it will have in the final version of Android 9.0.


The feature will allow the user to swiftly log into used YU Yunique 2 apps by remembering the ID and passwords, which can save time and avoid the necessity of typing all the information repeatedly for every frequent usage. The AutoFill feature has to be installed by the developers before you can use it uninterruptedly.

Play Protect:

It is like a virus scanner for Android Pie apps.  On the Google Play app window, you can see the latest scan report making secure and vulnerability of each app installed on your device.


Under Vitals, users will have security features, tools for enhanced utilization of the YU Yunique 2 and OS optimization, which eventually save battery life.  Wise Limits can regulate long running apps in the background.  Wise Limits will work on all apps and regulate the battery consumption by maintaining your device to the optimum level.

The Pixel devices take nearly half the time for booting, which is much less than the previous version due to OS optimization.  Similarly, its change of functioning could be seen in the runtime, squeezing garbage collection and finding code location.  As a result, the YU Yunique 2 will run faster than before, after installing Android Pie.

Play Console Dashboard:

It is a highly efficient tool, which can go deep into the system and help the developer to fine tune their application contributing to reduce battery drain and enhance the actions of various apps.  In simple, it provides analytical information on app device usage. With the device, the developer can watch and understand, how an app runs on the YU Yunique 2 powered by Android 9.0 Pie.  It is not a tool to bypass the requirement of testing the app functioning, but it can reduce the time required to find out the faulty actions of an Android device.

It has not appeared as a new feature in Android O, but the feature is one of the reasons for the fast performance than its predecessors.

Bundles of new features:

The Android Pie comes with font supporting features, let the user choose/change the font style and size.  People who love to play with the fonts and its presentation, this feature will be a great support.

Wi-Fi Awareness:

Wi-Fi Awareness on Android 9.0 shall check for other Wi-Fi devices and apps within the range and establish the connection without an Internet connection.

Android Run-Time:

You will have an optimized Android Run-Time, which enhances the apps functioning in the YU Yunique 2.

Improved WebView:

In the new Android 9.0 the WebView also has undergone improvement, and as a result, you can have quick web view experience.

Do not disturb:

You can find two toggles on ‘do not disturb,’ icon. One appears under the volume control slider for enabling DND and the second for creating volume shortcut.  It will effectively put on when pressing the volume down repeatedly after the vibration.

Lock screen:

The new lock screen looking something similar to Android Oreo 8.0, but it has new features in the System UI Tuner. It allows you to change the camera and voice assist shortcut anywhere you want to keep it.

You can find some significant changes in Ambient Display.  Usually, in Ambient Display, only the clock and some small YU Yunique 2 app icon may show if any notifications are waiting for action.  In some app like Hangouts, you can find some detailed information about the notification.

Some omissions and additions:

  • No changes on Easter Egg cat catching game
  • New File app replaced download app
  • Developer Options takes over the Memory section
  • In the new version of Android Pie 9.0, you can get frequent updates and rollback options to Android Oreo.

How to install this update?

Downloading this update on your device is a bit tricky procedure and if you are not a pro user, you better seek the help of someone who is expert. There is an easy option via OTA update that will install the android Pie conveniently. But if your device is not supporting the OTA, simply look out for custom Rom for YU Yunique 2 and install it in your device to make the most out of android experience.


YU Yunique 2 Android Pie 9.0 continue the saga of Android Oreo and try to fill up those minor gaps and shortfalls, which is indeed very promising.  The innovations further augment the API segment of Android which is evident in the notification and permission management, looks better than Android N.

The new Android 9.0 is not merely regrouping of menu and presenting in a new format.  Innovations are also visible in the peripheral segments, like hardware keyboard and Bluetooth audio.  As said earlier, we can see many convenient features bundled as adaptive icons, picture-in-picture, and navigation bar changes, app badges, and autofill APIs.

You will find much difference between the Android Oreo and O, but 9.0 is more sophisticated and gives more focus on features that are beneficial for Android users. I am happy with the innovations in the background activities and hope YU Yunique 2 Android Pie update will be the best OS for all users around the world.

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